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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

 The Mummy Daddy Diaries is a blog of memoirs remembering the good times and the small things that make our family.

We met 10 years ago.

We travelled around Europe on a whim just because.

We lived together in a little house in Sheffield.

We had LOTS of nights out.

We holidayed in lots of places, Barbados, Cancun, Florida, Tenerife, New York, Gran Canaria, Philadelphia and Dominican Republic to name a few.

We went to NYC.

We got engaged in NYC.

We bought our first house.

Two weeks later we gave birth to Little Mr.

We got married in a castle.

We had more holidays.

We gave birth to little Miss.

We wouldn't rather be anywhere else than where we are right now.

Our story.

Thanks for dropping by.


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