New Clothes

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Much to my husbands dismay I was extremely excited recently as we have had a huge new Next and John Lewis open nearby. I obviously took the first opportunity I could to go and spend.

We also have extremely generous family and received some gorgeous clothes for our Littles. I love clothes shopping for my children and both have lots of lovely outfits I generally find the boys selection of clothes less inspiring but Next have some great stuff in particularly for summer.

I can't wait for them to wear all of their lovely new clothes, we go on holiday in a couple of weeks so they will be perfect.

Easy Peasy Gift Bags

Sunday, 27 April 2014

First you need to get all of your supplies together and decide what you would like to put in your bags.

Find a nice basket/case/container to display your bags. I added some shredded paper that I had lying around as I wanted to be sable to see the bags and this basket is quite deep.

You will need some colorful stripey paper bags.

Then you need to fill your bags. I settled on bubbles, smarties and sparkles for my bags as they were quite small.

Before tying up the bags with ribbon you need to make labels. I had planned on using luggage labels but didn't have enough left in my stash, so instead I cut some rectangles of paper in a contrasting colour. One of my favourite crafty purchases is my letter stamping set. I love the effect created. I stamped the labels and the ever so technically used a pencil to punch a whole in the label.

Finally fold the bag closed and puncture another whole. Thread with some ribbon and tie. Simple yet effective party bags.

A Simple Sautrday

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Today we have had a simple Saturday, no big plans as such so it was great to spend the day together at home. Well half of it at least as the hubby headed to football this afternoon. So our simple Saturday went a little like this:

We started with a lazy morning breakfast and showered and at Little Mr's request time to just play. We set up and played with his Fireman Sam village which is one of his favourite toys at the minute.
Over the last couple of weeks I have really been overwhelmed by the generosity of our friends and family. My Little Mr has really been spoilt rotten for his birthday. It may have been a week ago now but he is still receiving gifts now. One of my oldest and best friend popped round with yet more presents for the little man. We don't get to see each other as often now and with children on the scene a night our for dinner and drinks is long over due but hopefully it will happen again soon!!

The lucky man received a pirate boat and figures along with a two books. One of which I have read to him three times today. We had a cuppa and a good old chinwag. I'm not at all jealous she is getting glammed up tonight and painting the town red, honest!!  It was lovely to see little Miss snuggle in for cuddles and fall asleep.

We had a quiet afternoon the hubby bought us lunch and then headed off to football. We played games and read stories. We even created a boat made from the sofa cushions, the boat later became an aeroplane which Little Mr piloted across the ocean. It never ceases to amze me his wonderful imagination. We do play a lot of role play activities but it still impresses me.
All set for the bedtime routine. Now I do like having help with this but will freely admit it is much easier on my own as I have a certain way and find it runs super smoothly (I am ignoring the fact little Mr wouldn't get in the dam thing at first).
We ended the day with lots of giggles on the bed, then headed downstairs for milk and stories. As a treat I let Little Mr sleep on his Daddies side of the bed and moved him before he got home but shhhh don't tell him. Let hope tomorrow brings lots of simple pleasures it will be our first Sunday together just the four of us in months!

Remember the small things #5

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Evenings spent star fished on the sofa.

Toddler Football

Friday, 25 April 2014

Little Mr has been attending a toddler football group for a few months now. Each week we do a range of activities that literacy and numeracy as well as coordination a balance. Generally Little Mr is really enthusiastic about attending the group but after a break for Easter he really wasn't in the mood to go. Cue a big toddler hissy fit. Bribery worked like magic and a promise to visit Grandads house after football worked a treat. Once we arrived he soon perked up. Each child is given a marker and each week it is someone else's turn for their child to be colour phobic, luckily we had the right colour marker this week. Little Mr was chosen by the coach to demonstrate on of the activities. He had to kick the right colour skittle with either his left or right foot depending on the instruction, quite tricky fr a just turned three year old. Now Little Mr loves to use his left foot his right takes a some more thinking about. However he demonstrated it to the rest of he group REALLY quickly and did amazingly well. This was proud moment number one.

Proud moment number two came at the end of the session. Each week the group ends with all the children sitting in a circle and receiving a sticker for a particular skill they have worked on. This weeks football was extra special as my Little Mr received a certificate for his efforts. He was so pleased with himself. We tried to take a picture of him with his certificate to send to Daddy. Excuse the shaky pictures he was ever so excited.

Of course after the group we visited Grandads where he proudly showed off his certificate, but not before a cheeky stop off to buy some cakes as a treat.

A Third Birthday

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Recently we celebrated our Little Mr's 3rd Birthday.

We had a lovely day. This is the first Birthday where he has really known what is happening. It was great seeing him get really excited in the run up to it. He has been talking about it for weeks. I have been collecting bits for weeks and hiding them away but when it cam to wrapping them all it turned out that I had doubled up on some presents and forgotten I had already bought them.

One of my favourite Birthday moments is always laying out the presents the night before. I love the anticipation and the excitement that comes with his approval (hopefully) and enjoyment of the presents.
One of Little Mr's favourites at the moment is Fireman Sam so when we saw a fab pop up fire engine we knew we just had to get it. We also bought him a battery operated police bike which he loves. We were a little worried it would be too small but he adores it and it was a bargain to boot.

Something that was done in both of our families when we were children was to buy sibling a present too. We both remember this fondly so have decided to continue this with our children.
Each year I like to make Little Mr his Birthday cake. He had requested a fireman Sam one this year. Usually I search Pinterest for ideas and pick one I like and copy it as best I can but this year I decided to go with the flow. When I baked the cakes I was going to create a fire engine but quickly decided I wanted the number three so this cake somehow evolved at the end of a 4+ hour stint in the kitchen.
Last year we didn't really have a party for Little Mr as we had recently found out we were expecting Little Miss and I was feeling really rotten. This year however Little Mr had requested on. We invited mainly family and close friends, he had a ball though.


Little Mr was exhausted by the end of the day and so the four of us snuggled down on the sofa. However when Toy Story came on the TV he soon woke up. So we ended the day watching his favourite film with lots of sleepy cuddles. Perfect!

Little Miss at 5 months

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Dear Little Miss,

We cant quite believe that it is 5 whole months since you were born, it really seems to have flown yet at the same time we feel like you have been part of our little family forever. You are getting so big now, we think that you may be quite tall because you are rapidly filling your 3-6 months clothes and will nearly be ready for the next size up. We don't want to pack away yet more of your clothes yet and wish time would just slow down. You rolled over for the first time this month too at exactly the same age as your brother did. Your favourite side is your right and when you do roll this is always the way you go. We both saw you roll for the first time and were so proud of you as you put so much effort in for such a small person. You went in your big brothers old jumeproo for the first time recently and loved turning in the seat to look at all of the toys, Little Mr had equally as much fun showing you the how to use it too. Your favourite time of day is the half hour before bath time when we strip your clothes off and let you have a wriggle on our bed. You love kicking and stretching and always seem to get so excited. You have also found your feet now and it always makes us smile when you catch a glimpse of them as if its the first time you have laid eyes on them. You love chewing on your hands and laughing at you big brother pulling funny faces. You are always so smiley even strangers who chat to us always comment about your happy nature. We still find it amazing how much you have change so quickly in a matter of months. We love watching your relationship grow and develop with Little Mr too. He adores you just as much as we do.

All of our love Mummy and Daddy

Our Easter Weekend

Monday, 21 April 2014

We had a very busy but very lovely Easter. Our main focus was really little Mr's Birthday which fell on the Easter Saturday, however we still squeezed in some Easter activities and of course lots of scrummy chocolate.

An Easter Tree

I had been planning to get an Easter tree to hang decorations from but I just hadn't got around to it as I was far to busy planning for Little Mr's Birthday. luckily my Mum came to the rescue though and brought some twigs from her garden so we made our very own tree.

First we filled a pot with some stones to hold the branches in place. (turns out you actually need to put the stones in after the twigs, its much easier )

Little Mr got busy making some decorations for the tree.

Next we took the branches outside and sprayed them with a can of left over 'snow' from Christmas. It was not sure it would cover the branches very well but it did a lovely job.
A Sunday Lunch
On the Sunday we headed to my sister in laws house for lunch.

We had a lovely lunch and Little Mr played in the park opposite. He even had a cheeky bath to play with some of his new Birthday presents.
An Easter Breakfast

On Easter Monday we headed to my Mums for a superb Easter breakfast.

Easter Treats

Little Mr and Little Miss were spoilt and got lots of lovely treats from family.
An Egg Hunt
I had bought a great Kinder egg hunt set our Little's Easter basket so took it to my Mums to have an egg hunt in her huge garden.

I'm not sure Little Miss was too impressed.

We had a lovely weekend albeit very busy though we very rarely get a weekend to ourselves anyway so we are used to it now.

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