A Happy Day!

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Today was a happy day. We decided that as the weather was lovely we would make the most of it with a lovely walk and visit to the local park. Little Mr was just great all morning especially when he had to wait patiently at the phone repair shop, so I promised him he could take one of his bikes/trikes/scooters to the park (yes, we have far too many). Typically though the one he had his heart set on was a little red motorbike which lives at Grannies, so we had to call round there first. Little Mr was intent on bringing Bess wthe dog too but I drew the line there, double buggy, baby, two year old and a bike is enough thanks, I don't need a dog in tow too.

On our way to the park we walked down one of my favourite streets. It is full of little shops and cafes and hold many memories from my childhood. Naturally we called into the bakery for a cheeky sausage roll each.

Our walk took us along side the river Ouse. Little Mr loved watching and waving to the river boats. I also got a telling of for forgetting to bring bread for the ducks! We finally made it to the park and had a lo let time playing. Little Mr found a friend and together they played an imaginary game of pirates. 

Of course no trip to the park in the sunshine is complete without an ice cream!

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