New Clothes

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Much to my husbands dismay I was extremely excited recently as we have had a huge new Next and John Lewis open nearby. I obviously took the first opportunity I could to go and spend.

We also have extremely generous family and received some gorgeous clothes for our Littles. I love clothes shopping for my children and both have lots of lovely outfits I generally find the boys selection of clothes less inspiring but Next have some great stuff in particularly for summer.

I can't wait for them to wear all of their lovely new clothes, we go on holiday in a couple of weeks so they will be perfect.


  1. Where are you off to? We're going away in June when Indiana will be 6 months and on the look out for tips haha x

    1. We are going to Majorca, eeeek. My little girl will be almost 6 months. Where are you going to? X


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