A day at the farm

Monday, 7 April 2014

We love taking Little Mr to the local farm and took him numerous times over last Spring & Summer. We usually go to the local farm which includes all the general petting farm animals, along with play equipment and the cafe too. However we are fortunate enough that my best friends new Beau works on his parents farm so when we recently visited we were lucky enough to go to the farm too.
This was very exciting for Little Mr. Our friends live in Derbyshire which is nearly a 2 hour drive from us however we hit bad traffic and roadworks which meant for one hour of our journey we only travelled 2 miles!!! Luckily both Little Mr and Little Miss were on great form. Little Mr did discover the button to unwind his window now which until then had remained a  mystery.
When we arrived at the farm it was a little different to Little Mr's expectations. The cows were bigger, smellier and louder than perhaps he was used to. We were lucky enough to see all of the newest calves, some born only just 3 or 4 days earlier. It is amazing how they are standing and walking in hours when Little Miss at 20 weeks has only recently mastered holding her head completely.

We were visited all of the pregnant cows, one of which had just had a calf, the calf was yet to stand. If you look closely at the picture you can see the cows placenta, she decided to eat this whilst we were here. Apparently a cows pregnancy is extremely similar to that of a human.



We met the bull of the farm!!

Little Mr's favourite part of the day was definitely visiting the tractors. He was a little perturbed that they didn't own a green one at first (we are having a few colour selection issues at the moment). However was overjoyed when we reminded him his favourite colour is red and they had a big red one. Little Mr was overjoyed at being ables to sit in the tractors and even 'drive' one too.


Little Miss got in on the action too.
We had a fantastic day with friends, it was brilliant. I just wished we lived closer to visit more often. We love city life but the countryside lifestyle looks so appealing especially with a young family.


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