Little Miss at 5 months

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Dear Little Miss,

We cant quite believe that it is 5 whole months since you were born, it really seems to have flown yet at the same time we feel like you have been part of our little family forever. You are getting so big now, we think that you may be quite tall because you are rapidly filling your 3-6 months clothes and will nearly be ready for the next size up. We don't want to pack away yet more of your clothes yet and wish time would just slow down. You rolled over for the first time this month too at exactly the same age as your brother did. Your favourite side is your right and when you do roll this is always the way you go. We both saw you roll for the first time and were so proud of you as you put so much effort in for such a small person. You went in your big brothers old jumeproo for the first time recently and loved turning in the seat to look at all of the toys, Little Mr had equally as much fun showing you the how to use it too. Your favourite time of day is the half hour before bath time when we strip your clothes off and let you have a wriggle on our bed. You love kicking and stretching and always seem to get so excited. You have also found your feet now and it always makes us smile when you catch a glimpse of them as if its the first time you have laid eyes on them. You love chewing on your hands and laughing at you big brother pulling funny faces. You are always so smiley even strangers who chat to us always comment about your happy nature. We still find it amazing how much you have change so quickly in a matter of months. We love watching your relationship grow and develop with Little Mr too. He adores you just as much as we do.

All of our love Mummy and Daddy


  1. Aww so cute :) My lg turned 5 months on the 26th, they're growing up so fast xx

    1. They do grow so quickly. Our babies are a similar age then :)

  2. That's a lovely stage :) I have very fond memories of 5 months! #MBPW

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