How to make foam paint

Friday, 4 April 2014

We love this type of paint in our house. It is super easy to make and is great for toddlers. My Little boy lovers working with this paint as he has a lot more control over where the paint goes. Great for devloping those motor skills.
To make the paint all you need is a shaving foam, poster paints, pots, painting utensils and imagination.

I used this shaving foam because it is super cheap and my son has no allergies to any of the ingredients.
I use washable poster paints as I have found some others can easily stain clothes and skin.
You can add as much or as little to the bowls as you want. I find a tablespoons amount of paint is sufficient.

Give the paints a really good mix. I may have over mixed the blue one in this picture as it sems to have lost some of its 'bounce' but generally they are very fluffy.

These paints make great pictures as the leave a fluffy pasty texture behind when they dry. They are also great to splat acording to my son.
I have used these paints in various location and they have always washed away leaving no marks or stains. I am not sure if this is because we have used 'washable' paint as we havent tried it with other paint.
A few examples of our art work below.

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