Uncle T's Birthday

Thursday, 1 May 2014

My brother recently turned 26 and as has become a tradition in recent years we always go out for a family meal. This year we went to the pub around the corner from us. It is a lovely pub with good food. It also happens to be the same place we went to eat for his birthday 3 years ago when Little Mr had just been born. I hazily remember it as he was only one week old at the time, just a tiny bundle.

Here is Little Mr one week old, during his first meal out. It also happened to be my first time to feed him whilst out and about. hence the muslin draped all over him. now I don't really bother with that for Little Miss only when I feed her with people around who are maybe a tad 'old fashioned' in their views.
And then this is now. One more bambino on the scene and our little sweet pea is a boisterous toddler. I did not get a picture of myself with the two Little's as I was feeling really poorly so my Mum got in on the action.
Note: No babies were hurt during this photo taking even though it looks like Little Mr is strangling Little Miss.

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