Little Miss In Pictures

Sunday, 25 May 2014

I can't believe that Little Miss is already 6 months old. I mean 6 MONTHS!! How did the time go so quickly, its half a year. Cliche I know but it has gone so much more quickly the second time around, I am sure anyone with more than one would agree. 

Now I take a lot of pictures of my children whether its on my phone, the husbands phone, the IPad, or camera. It is so easy to take pictures nowadays and keep a record of your child's early years. Most of my pictures are on the hop, mid action or activity as I am not too keen on sit and smile at the camera approach, it seems to false and staged for me and not really capturing the true memory or moment. Anyway recently I have been thinking how I have fewer pictures of Little Miss on her own than Little Mr (for obvious reasons) but I thought it would be nice to get some of just her. They are not the best pictures for a few reasons 1, she isn't feeling too great and 2, we were in a rush to get our baking out of the oven. But I love them. My favourite is the last one.


  1. Beautiful photos and I completely agree with the time passing too quickly. My little boy is 10 months today and I'm in denial that he will be 1 in just a couple months!!

  2. It's mad isn't it. They will always be our babies though :)

  3. She makes some wonderful expressions! Lovely images. I agree it's so lovely how easy it is to capture pictures nowadays!


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