Weaning Stumble

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

We recently started weaning Little Miss and the first week went great. I had it all planned out, I had even timetabled in what she was to have and when and made up a stash of our own baby food. During her first week she didn't really eat much as such just had a taste and spat most out. I wasn't too worried about this as she is clearly thriving and my little boy was much the same. This past week she has properly eaten, not much but still eaten. I may have got carried away and offered her a finger of toast etc but it was great to see her chomping away.


Unfortunately during the last few days she has reacted to something she has eaten, with and upset tummy and blotchy red rash. I have also never seen nappy rash like it and it makes me feel terribly guilty that something I have given her may have caused it. Thankfully heaps of sudocrem and nappy off time are doing the trick to heal her bottom. The worst part is I am not really sure what caused it, my thoughts are either the baby porridge/bread but we are not 100%.

However we have stopped all food for now and will continue with breastfeeds only until the rash completely clears. Then we will be back to the drawing board. We are going to introduce each food really slowly this time giving a couple of days on each and then moving on. Hopefully this helps us pin point what it was and introduce it really slowly.

Did you experience any stumbles on your weaning journey? 
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  1. The weaning part is really nice with my son. He would eat anything and everything. The sad part is that when he reached 2.5 till now he became fuzzy in eating. We are still working it out. #mmwbh

    1. My son was like that, he used to eat everything and now is more fussy. We are hoping that when he sees Little Miss eat different things he will too.

  2. oh no, its not your fault, you cant predict what can happen or on what she will have an allergy, good luck with weaning

  3. We've never came across any weaning issues, so sorry that I have no advice to offer on that front. On another note? Your wee bird is just gorgeous! I hope the rash and all clears up soon and you can find out what caused it. Thanks so much for linking up! #MMWBH xx


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