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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Recently Little Mr has been getting more and more frustrated about not being able to read. Each night we have at least one bed time story along with others through the day. He used to be content repelling himself the story using the pictures. However he now recognises the text and that it has a meaning but to him they are just squiggles if you like so he becomes frustrated. Every since he was tiny he has always had a love of books. We would read the 'that's not my...' Series of touchy freely books. Even from as young as 8 months he was showing an understanding of left to right correspondence and looking for the hidden mouse on each page. He engages with stories now and can answer simple questions such as What might happen next? And he can join in with parts of his favourite stories such as Room on the Broom. He really is ready now though for the next step in his reading journey.

So with this in mind I set up a letter dig. I wanted to help encourage him to recognise the letters and there names to begin with. So I buried the letters for him to find and place in the jigsaw. To begin with I have left this activity as an invitation to play, so with very little input from me. I plan on introducing the letters as and when he is ready. Certain ones he already has such as 'S'.

I used sensory salt to bury the letters. It is a mix I use regularly at work. If is great as children can trace letters in it too. At home I have a large shallow tray which is perfect for keeping it all contained.

Sensory salt:
1 cup talc
1 cup salt
Poster paint (enough to change the colour but not go gloopy)

I keep mine in a jar it lasts for ages. I made this 2 months ago and it has been used for lots of activities such a moon sand space role play, and letter writing.

I am really looking forward to this next exciting step in Little Mr's journey.

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