Little Miss at 7 Months

Friday, 20 June 2014

Dear Little Miss,

We can hardly believe that yet another month has passed us by. This month you have made us smile more than ever, in fact you hardly ever stop smiling. You make us so proud when you flash your smile, such a beautiful face and so happy to spread your joy. People cant help but comment, you are a definite hit with old ladies. This month has seen your two bottom front teeth firmly in place, they seem to have grown so quickly. You are also sitting extremely well and beginning to reach out to grab your brothers toys. You look so beautiful sitting in your crib in the living room each morning as the morning light surrounds you. I know soon we will have to pack it away as you are getting bigger and stronger, you have already tried to pull yourself using the side bars. We are still attending a baby group each Monday whilst Little Mr is at preschool. It is our special time together, just us. You have made a special little friend their and last week reached out to cuddle each other and give kisses. It left both mummies with a lump in our throats. So innocent and so caring and sheltered from the world and its happenings. This month we had a lot of family gatherings, for Birthday celebrations and another wedding. You wowed at them all. Such a content and happy baby just like your big brother. We also celebrated your Daddy's first Fathers Day with a daughter. He gave you lots of cuddles and kisses. You still adore your big brother. He loves to make you laugh and entertain you playing dizzy ducks or peek-a-boo. It is great to see your bond developing together and as bossy as Little Mr is sometimes I think that your will give him a run for his money as you get older. We can already see a cheeky glint in your eyes.
We love you lots and lots, to the moon and back.
Mummy & Daddy

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