Little Miss at 11 months

Monday, 20 October 2014

Dear Little Miss,

My beautiful baby girl almost a year old already. You have achieved so much this last month to make Mummy and Daddy proud. You have been taken the odd steps for the last six weeks or so but this month you finally worked up the courage to take more precious first steps. I love seeing the excitement on your face when you realised that you have walked a little bit further than before.  You are also babbling more in response to what we are saying. I love having lots of conversations with you. One of your favourite things to do is dance. Every time you hear music  you will bounce along. You even have your own speciality move, a fist pump. You and Little Mr have three songs that you love to dance along too together.

Our feeding journey is still going strong , in fact I am feeding you now as I write. You are a little monkey at bedtime though. You like to wake up every couple of hours to feed at the moment which is a little trickier now I am back at work. However your brother was the same so I know it won't last long and secretly I enjoy all of our extra nighttime snuggles. It's hard to believe a year ago we were preparing for your arrival, it seems like you have always been here.

Lots of love
Mummy and Daddy

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