Dear Babies

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Dear Little Mr and Little Miss,

Recently we looked back at some pictures of you both at around the same age. 

We have always loved this picture of you Little Mr. It was taken on our honeymoon to the Dominican Republic. You were so relaxed as a baby and a joy to take anywhere, even the long haul flight was a diddle with you.

I remember buying this outfit as if it was yesterday, as soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it even thought you hadn't even been born. It was was perfect for showing off your beautiful chunky baby legs. You were very strong and could lift our head up for some time by this point and you were even beginning to turn as if to roll over. We thought you might manage I whilst we were away with family but that didn't happen for a few more weeks.

We knew we had to dress little Miss in the same outfit to recreate the pose and reflect on fond memories. You look just as adorable as your big brother and have the same chunky baby legs. Simply gorgeous.

Everybody says that Little Mr looks like Daddy and Little Miss like Mummy but sometimes Mummy and  Daddy think you both look quite alike. Some of your expressions are exactly the same.

We are so lucky to have been blessed with two happy healthy babies.
Lots of love
Mummy & Daddy

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