One of THOSE days

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Now maybe it's just me but today really has been one of THOSE days. I hope nobody thinks I am ungrateful for what I have, I am certainly not and I do tell myself one day I will miss here hectic moments.

So it went a little like this.
Little Mr refused his breakfast because his spoon was dirty after he had put it into his cereal.  He cried because he wanted to keep his pjs on, and then layer as he wanted them off. Little Miss had a lie in but she is a little off weather with a slight temperature, which means she is wingey. She is not a baby that cries usually and I know we are very lucky for that. We had a nice time building an enchanted forest out of play doh, but we had tears because his road was purple and he wanted it red even though he chose purple!! Little Miss had 3 outfit changes by lunch time due to explosions from one end or the other. She decided she was hungry, I mean mega hungry not been fed in EVER hungry  so screamed blue murder at the precise point little Mr needed the toilet. I have these point when you are split between the two when they both need you equally and deserve your attention but what's you do, who do you see to first?!? In this instance I chose to position Little Mr by the potty and sit and feed Little Miss. The extra freedom for Little Mr meant he decided to do some sort of hokey cokey dance whilst doing his business - I am very grateful to everyone who steered me away from replacing our laminate flooring with carpets!

Which leads me to where I am now feeding little Miss and resorting to a spot of Cbeebies because today is one of THOSE days.

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